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The Relics

The Relics

Enter a realm of mystery with wearable art that transcends time. This collection pays tribute to lost objects and tales of the past while celebrating the art of preservation. Crafted with inspiration drawn from ancient artifacts, The Relics captures the essence of timelessness with unique textures, ebbs, and flows. Each piece tells a story of loss and preservation, bringing to life the beauty of the past in a modern-day relic. More than just jewelry, it's a journey of transformation and exploration of the bygone era. 

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Penida Earrings | GoldPenida Earrings | Gold
Penida Earrings | Gold Sale priceLE 1,400.00
Banyan Earrings | SilverBanyan Earrings | Silver
Banyan Earrings | Silver Sale priceLE 4,990.00
Banyan Earrings | GoldBanyan Earrings | Gold
Banyan Earrings | Gold Sale priceLE 2,500.00
Uluwatu Ring | GoldUluwatu Ring | Gold
Uluwatu Ring | Gold Sale priceLE 900.00
Kubu Earring | GoldKubu Earring | Gold
Kubu Earring | Gold Sale priceLE 1,100.00
Melaya Necklace | GoldMelaya Necklace | Gold
Melaya Necklace | Gold Sale priceLE 3,500.00
Lovina Earrings | GoldLovina Earrings | Gold
Lovina Earrings | Gold Sale priceLE 1,900.00
Ubud Earrings | GoldUbud Earrings | Gold
Ubud Earrings | Gold Sale priceLE 1,200.00
Sold outUluwatu Ring | SilverUluwatu Ring | Silver
Uluwatu Ring | Silver Sale priceLE 1,450.00
Amed Bangle | Gold
Amed Bangle | Gold Sale priceLE 1,600.00
Kuta Ring | GoldKuta Ring | Gold
Kuta Ring | Gold Sale priceLE 990.00
Penida Earrings | SilverPenida Earrings | Silver
Penida Earrings | Silver Sale priceLE 1,700.00
Lovina Earrings | Silver
Lovina Earrings | Silver Sale priceLE 4,500.00
Kubu Earring | Silver
Kubu Earring | Silver Sale priceLE 1,500.00
Ubud Earrings | SilverUbud Earrings | Silver
Ubud Earrings | Silver Sale priceLE 1,650.00
Kuta Ring | SilverKuta Ring | Silver
Kuta Ring | Silver Sale priceLE 1,500.00