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Article: A Tropical Escape

A Tropical Escape

A Tropical Escape

Landing in the Philippines was like finally arriving in paradise.

Saturated with countless shades of blue, you wouldn't be able to tell when the horizon of the sea ended, and the sky started.

We are not ones to boast about perfection, in fact we pride ourselves on celebrating life’s imperfections – because that's where the beauty is.

All that being said, I am can confidently tell you that the Philippines epitomises perfection. From the scenery to the people; we couldn't have asked for a better getaway.

Island hopping was definitely a must. With 7000 different islands to see in the beautiful archipelago, we covered an astounding number of… two: Boracay and El Nido. Both of which are a beach lover’s dream.

Joy radiated through my body as my feet sank into the warm, powder-like sand. And a sense of freedom engulfed me as I saw the vastness of the ocean.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of my obsession, the beach. I have, after all, built a brand that mostly revolves around this landform. 

And as I sipped on my coconut cocktail, which by the way, is served in an actual coconut, I was struck by the vibrance of the islands. 

Locals are lively and always willing to let you in on the fun they’re having. 

A lot of the bars and restaurants we went to had live performances of singers with incredible voices (it made us wonder whether this is a national trait they have?!)

And of course we made few friends along the way…

And collected our little trinkets to commemorate this country’s spirited vibes.

We are blessed to have been able to see and experience Philippines’ picturesque beauty and welcoming people! 

Written by: Salma Madwar

Our recommendations:

El Nido 
  • Where we stayed: Airbnb in Karuna Hotels
  • Island hopping tours: Make sure you do tours A & C.
  • Our favorite beach stops were: Secret Beach, Hidden Beach, Helicopter Beach, Turtle Beach & Small Lagoon
  • Restaurants: Bella Vita & Altrouv for good Pizza and Pasta!
  • Art Cafe : Chilled vibes with acoustic music.
  • The Nesting Table: A truly hidden gem! Decorated very tastefully and nomadically. Every Corner of the space was picture perfect. Quiet and serene, a place to disconnect. The staircase was long but totally worth it.
  • Where we stayed: Henan Prime in Station 1
  • Sunny Side Cafe: This is literally the best beachside all-day breakfast in Boracay! make sure you don't miss out on their full serving puffy pancakes.

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